Bizerte: Regional authorities confirm their willingness to promote the project's implementation of youth leaders in the region (pictures)

Bizerte: Regional authorities confirm their willingness to promote the project's implementation of youth leaders in the region (pictures)
Mon, 02/15/2021 - 11:37
Bizerte: Regional authorities confirm their willingness to promote the project's implementation of youth leaders in the region (pictures)

On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, a working session was held between the Bizerte state and the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy for Cooperation to help youth leaders participating in the  "Youth Leader for a Better Tomorrow" Project implement their community projects in the area.

The session was held at Bizerte office under the supervision of Governor Mohammed Qwaider and Center President Radwan al-Masmoudi also was attended by the center's vice president, Salahuddin al-Jurshi, representatives of regional official institutions and civil society elements, as well as young project owners. 



Bizerte: Five community projects 

 "Youth Leaders for a Better Tomorrow"  Director, Wissam Al-Toumi Al-Ajimi, performed a comprehensive presentation on this project, while the youth leader submitted projects and set goals and requirements for their implementation in Bizerte.

The youth called on the regional authority, represented by the governor and the various attendees, from public institutions and civil society, to help, especially in terms of funding.

And the projects are: " Mezzaoukah Youths, " Hope Makers " (Training  children in the center of the integrated training of young people and childhood in theater, music, etc.), "Your chance" (enabling those with higher degrees to develop projects), "Non-Stop youth" (reducing drug consumption),  and "Bio Green "

To identify the necessary needs and make the necessary improvements, the work was divided into five workshops according to projects, each attended by representatives of the parties involved in each project, such as the Regional Administration for Vocational Training and Employment, the regional delegate for cultural affairs, the regional delegate for women, family and children, as well as specialists in other fields such as sociology. 



Official actors: "Ready to help at all levels"

In response to youth projects, Bizerte Governor Mohammed Qwaider said he is ready to provide the necessary assistance and facilities to support these youth. He expressed his appreciation for these initiatives and their role in solving some of the problems in the area.

The governor also promised to correlate with regional institutions and civil society components. In this regard, whether those present or by extending cooperation.

Shukri al-Telili, a regional representative for cultural affairs, said the delegates' capabilities are for the sake of young people, both financially and logistically.

Bizerte Basma Al-Awani, the regional representative for women, family, and children, appreciated the efforts of the youth leaders during the first wave of the Coronavirus crisis, as well as the delegates, through financial, food, and sterilization support. She said she is ready to provide all the aid needed to implement the projects.

The Regional Director of Vocational Training and Employment, Mr. Bashir Al-Jazairi, praised the efforts of the youth and pledged to provide the necessary support and backup.




CSID: "We appreciate the positive feedback and  we hope to turn it into reality" 

From his part, the head of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, Radwan Al-Masmoudi, praised the positive response of the state and most of the regional actors and expressed his hope that these promises will be translated into reality.

The center's vice president, Salahuddin Al-Jurshi, confirmed that civil society has become a strong suggestion and a fundamental function in every stage in democratic transition, but it cannot work without cooperation with the central and regional authorities. He expressed his hope that this meeting would be fruitful with practical outputs.

The Youth leader participating in the first part of this project introduced 31 community-based projects to be implemented in five states to address some of the problems in their areas, after having received more than 9 months of training on combating corruption and extremism, instilling citizenship and democracy values, leadership skills, and community entrepreneurship. Moreover, the states are Greater Tunis, Bizerte, Jendouba, Kairouan.

The second part of the project, which launched in August, includes five other states: Sousse, Sidi Bouzid, Medanin, Gabes, and Kasserine, 400 young men and women benefit from this project as a whole, with 40 participants per state.


Outputs : 

- Praise for the efforts of the youth leading up to Bizerte, especially during the first wave of Corona.

- Value community projects for youth leaders in the region.

- Identify the requirements for the implementation of these projects, especially for financing.

- The governor promised to provide the necessary assistance to the youth.

- Pledge of support from regional institutions and civil society.

- To agree to hold regular sessions to follow up on the progress of work.

- Request for promises and translate them on the ground according to the needs of each project.